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ICEnhancer 2.1-yeahatnet Revision V3.1

13 October 2012 GTA 4
Features: -realistic water -soft and rich colors -new sprite lights -shadow shadows - Now the night atmosphere will look new -new FXAA -new clouds -new trees and other.


23 November 2014 GTA 4
A new version of one of the best quality ENB for GTA IV is CryENB V3 List of changes: -New quick-focus option - More balanced lighting -Turbed clouds -Optimized files for better performance -It's better weather -Improving the stat...

Awesomekills ENB v3.0

24 March 2015 GTA 4
Beautiful graphical setting. Rich color palette; Beautiful glare of the sun; Realistic ocean water; Customized reflections from machines; Saturated shadow from objects.

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