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New Style for Niko

17 August 2014 GTA 4
Pack new clothes for the main character of GTA IV. Air Max; Baggy Jeans; Cap; Nike Dunk; Hoodie Hood Up; Classic Jacket; Jeans; "Luis" Jacket; "Playboy" Hoodie; Sunglasses; Urban Boots.

UA Style Cap for Niko

19 May 2014 GTA 4
UA Style Cap for Niko Nothing special, but I think that Ukrainians like. He did it for himself. Then he decided to lay out. I replaced the texture of the flag of Russia on the texture of the flag of Ukraine. Well, I changed the color of the ...

New paths for airplanes

28 September 2010 GTA 4
Altered ways of moving the aircraft. Now the air vessels run directly over the Liberty City, and do not go around it. Installation: Copy the paths folder to the common / data directory with the game installed, confirm the replacement of the files.

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