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MP40 Submachine Gun

5 November 2011 GTA 4
Original model from 2 K Czech Converted in RAGE / IV Bilberry Cake Highest quality. Without glitches. Similarity of 100% Is the shoot that ever feels like Fegelein, or do you want to have some of Reich's firepower in your game? Here is the M...

Tommy Vercetti v2.0

31 March 2013 GTA 4
Tommy Vercetti v2.0 for GTA IV and TBoGT. In "Tommy Vercetti v2.0" it is changed: TBoGT- Fixed the main errors of the animation of the hands. GTA 4- Fixed the basic mistakes of the face animation, replaced almost all th...

New SPXENB V2 (Based From L3EVO 2012)

6 July 2012 GTA 4
Spxenb v2 What's New? New colors of the sunrise More stars Fix Pedestrian reflections in rainy weather Fix Lost Textures Installation: files from the folder spxenb v2 (quality Folder) throw in the folder with the game, in the archive there a...

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