Dead Or Alive Tina 5 Christmas Costume

3 January 2014 GTA 4
New skin from Ac.amir But, this time it is devoted to the Christmas theme. Tina from the game Dead or Alive 5 In festive attire. Features: - Qualitatively made envelope and model - The game looks good. - To replace any passer-by - High-qua...

Dead or Alive 5 Tina Racer

14 October 2013 GTA 4
Envelope Tina from Dead or Alive 5 in a racing suit. To replace any character (by default f_y_stripperc01) Features of the model: - High quality model - The model supports the basic functions of the game - Two versions of the costumes - black and...

Dead Or Alive 5 Kokoro Ultimate Bikini

19 October 2013 GTA 4
Envelope Kokoro from the game Dead Or Alive 5 in a bikini suit to replace any passerby. Features: - The model supports all the main functions of the game. - Quality envelope from Dead Or Alive 5, textures of high quality - High quality model.

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