Lada Priora DPS

1 September 2010 GTA 4
Lada Priora for GTA 4. Replaces: police2.

Saves GTA IV and EfLC

17 June 2011 GTA 4
Grand Theft Auto IV 1. Kill Ivan or leave alive: left alive 2. Kill Dwayne or Playboy X: killed Playboy X 3. Kill Sheriza or leave alive: left alive (figs with her, it's clear that you can not kill innocent people) 4. Kill Clarence or leave ali...

Lada 2115 DPS V2

14 August 2011 GTA 4
Classy high-quality Lada 2115 DPS V2 for GTA IV. Machine with high quality in the game!

Mega graphics by DKT70 and Fonias

30 August 2011 GTA 4
This modification will make your GTA IV even more realistic. The graphics will be beautifully beautiful and realistic, just as trees and road textures are replaced in fashion.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Niko

17 September 2011 GTA 4
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a mod consisting of three kinds of Nico. Good (The Good) - Mike Tyson's famous tattoo and two kinds of eyes to choose from. Bad (The Bad) - Russian tattoos on the chest and neck, which were the hero of the movi...

Radio Editor ParrotBay [EFLC and GTAIV]

7 October 2011 GTA 4
Radio Editor ParrotBay [EFLC and GTAIV] - Have you ever wanted to see all the GTA 4 series radio in one game at a time? And what about your own radio station, composed of tracks IV and EFLC? This mod will allow you to do all this! Create your own pla...

Lada 2103 VFTS

10 November 2011 GTA 4
Lada 2103 VFTS. Lada in good tuning.

Simple ENB for natural and realistic lighting (0.79)

26 June 2013 GTA 4
Very beautiful ENB I found in the Internet and decided to put it here. -New Timecyc -Light day and night -New fog and sun -For the same image as on the screenshot, set SweetFX Attention! Only for the patch On others it was not tested. ...

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