Mega Explosion VI Metallic  
Mega Explosion VI Metallic for GTA 4
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The blast wave is slightly smaller than in ME III. The fire spreads to 3160 meters.
Mega Explosion VI Metallic for GTA 4
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Mega Explosion III

1 June 2009 GTA 4
I do not know whether we can call it an explosion. In my opinion, this is Armageddon. Take a look at the screenshot.

Mega graphics by DKT70 and Fonias

30 August 2011 GTA 4
This modification will make your GTA IV even more realistic. The graphics will be beautifully beautiful and realistic, just as trees and road textures are replaced in fashion.

Explosion & Fire Tweak v1.0

1 February 2012 GTA 4
Explosion & Fire Tweak v1.0 v1.0 for GTA IV Mod changes the effects of explosion and fire. Fashion: - More light blast - More light of fire - Lighting the fire became more real - Molotov's explosion became much more spectacular - The explosio...

NYC Mega Car Pack FINAL

24 April 2014 GTA 4
Quality pack of vehicles for GTAIV Features: -Normal traffic -ELS -EPM -Real cars of New York -New Siren NYPD Pak goes on all patches Machines that come in the package: Ford Crown Victoria Ford Tug M1 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra Cab Ford F3...

Bigger and Realistic Explosion Mod V.3

20 January 2012 GTA 4
What is the difference from V.2? - from Molotov Cocktail appears more fire - grenades are more powerful - Rocket produces more smoke in the air Installation: Common - data - effects Replace the explosionFx file. (Do not forget to make back...

Dual Wielding style

24 August 2013 GTA 4
Dual Wielding - a mod that allows you to shoot immediately with two hands, as in Max Payne 3 or Hitman. You can use: - Glock - Deagle - Uzi - Mp5 - Sawed off shotgun - Sweeper - CZ75 pistol - Golden uzi - AA12 - AA12 explosive - P90 ...

Patch (EN)

21 March 2009 GTA 4
Patch for the English version of GTA 4 fixes many different problems, including problems with graphics, multiplayer and control system. In addition, the performance of the game is increased. Full changelog: GRAPHICS: Interior Lights f...

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Это-не то... Вот микроядерный взрыв от гренки! Можешь так сделать???)))
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