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Edo from GTA Criminal Russia Demo 0.1.5

4 February 2018 GTA 3
Edo from GTA Criminal Russia Demo 0.1.5 Exclusive for the site libertycity.ru CONVERSION IN GTA 3 APPROVED AND RESOLVED MIXAZZZ - Project Manager of GTA Criminal Russia. Moved the location to three - aleks926820. Textures h...

GTA3pbse v1.5.custom

21 July 2016 GTA 3
According to the discontent of the workers, we are releasing the 1.5.custom patch to create Claude's own replicas. Changes in v1.5.custom: This version has a facilitated job of replacing the audio replicas of the character. Everyone can pu...

HQ textures for GTAIII

6 November 2013 GTA 3
Mod updates GTA 3 textures to more clear and high-quality textures. New in version 1.5: -shod_disclaimer (512x512 instead of 128x128) -dirtywhite (512x512 instead of 64x64) -dirtywhitea (512x512 instead of 64x64) -liftdoors_kb_256 (512x512 inst...

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