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GTA San Andreas on the GTa 3

16 January 2018 GTA 3
Published on: 30 Dec. 2017 The staff of San Andreas on the engine from GTA3 Download link at the end of the video WORKS ONLY ON GTA3 v1.1 !!!!!! Unzip to the game folder

SA2LC - San Andreas on the GTA3 engine

3 June 2019 GTA 3
Moves an entire state to gta3 instead of LC.Features:-collecting graffiti and horseshoes-You can get into all interiors and locations, even those that are not available in the original San AndreasDisadvantages:No traffic or missionsThanks:Vitlgt and ...

San Andreas Weapon Pack v1.0

28 December 2011 GTA 3
This modification replaces the standard weapon, the weapon from the game GTA San Andreas.

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