N-Weather Mod 2.5.  
N-Weather Mod 2.5. for GTA 3
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Category: Files for GTA 3
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Author*: Илья Костыгов аК...
E-mail / website: Contact the author
File size: 642.82 Kb
File replaces: timecyc.dat
File uploaded by: Till Lindermann...
Upload date:
Downloads: 120
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A small modification modifying the file Timecyc.dat , Responding For the weather in the game . My goal was Underline Gloomy atmosphere Liberty City .

In this version, more attention was paid to Sunny weather . It was added More saturated colors , The sky is now Does not seem pale! .

Modification is part A larger project - GTA3: Kostygov Edition .

One of the screenshots shows how the modification looks in the composition Another big project - GTA: LBW .

I recommend putting this modification on top of some, Replacing the original game effects . For example, on top This . Also, if the computer's power allows, I recommend putting it ENB Series .

Well, it seems, everything. smile

Successful installation and pleasant game!
Ilya Kostygov aka Till Lindermann ...
N-Weather Mod 2.5. for GTA 3N-Weather Mod 2.5. for GTA 3 - screenshot #2N-Weather Mod 2.5. for GTA 3 - screenshot #3N-Weather Mod 2.5. for GTA 3 - screenshot #4N-Weather Mod 2.5. for GTA 3 - screenshot #5
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Пока нигде. ЭксклюзивЪ для одной из моих модификаций.

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Где можно скачать Кадилак на 1-3 скрине?
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