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GTA3pbse v1.5.custom for GTA 3
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GTA3pbse (final test)
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According to the discontent of the workers, we are releasing the 1.5.custom patch to create Claude's own replicas.

Changes in v1.5.custom:

This version has a facilitated job of replacing the audio replicas of the character. Everyone can put a favorite voice or collect a whole audio pak. It is possible to remove any of the replicas, adding new replicas at the moment is impossible.

Instructions for replacing the voice:

Open the folder CustomTalk In the folder Audio . You will see 7 different folders with a postscript "action". Each such folder is an action in which Claude says something.

Description of actions:

Action_damage - Claude takes damage (he is beaten, or he hits the ground, falling from the height).
Action_dead - Claude was killed (at the moment when the screen appears WASTED).
Action_fall - Claude flies down from a great height.
Action_rob - during a fight (trying to rob a pedestrian, demanding money).
Action_see_taxi Claude sees a taxi passing by.
Action_TAB - Special. Action on pressing TAB.
Action_wanted - When receiving a new search star.

Each folder has a subfolder named 1 or 2. If there are two folders, then the game randomly generates one of two phrases.

Opening the subfolder, you can see two or three different files. The main one is Voice.wav . It must be replaced when replacing Claude's voice. The file name and extension must be this, otherwise the game will not be able to recognize the audio for playback.

Any replica can be disabled, for this in each subfolder lies the file Empty.wav . Rename it to Voice.wav , After deleting the file with a replica.

Some phrases are used more often than others. Next to them you will see a file Priority . This means that this replica can sound more often than others and can be turned off if Claude is chatting too much.

The most interesting audiopacks will be put in our official theme on GTAForums. There will be replicas only in English!
GTA3pbse v1.5.custom for GTA 3
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GTA3pbse (final test)
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The author forgot to add what is needed CLEO GTA3 v2.0.0.4 in other versions of the game will crash.
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Вполне справедливо файл зарабатывает лайк, отличная идея!
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