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Download Help 8Ball v1.3 for GTA 3

Help 8Ball v1.3  
Help 8Ball v1.3 for GTA 3
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Category: Files for GTA 3
Section: ModsScripts
Author*: Scrat и DevNoBat...
E-mail / website: Unknown
File size: 391.96 Kb
File replaces: Unknown
File uploaded by: yaroslaw-laptew
Upload date:
Downloads: 324
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New version of the script. Now Eight Ball has become more tenacious, as if he's wearing an invisible bulletproof vest. If armed, attacks gangsters and cops; Can pursue and shoot attacking pedes. Also a jamb was fixed when he sometimes could not get out of the car. If there is an older version delete.
Help 8Ball v1.3 for GTA 3
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Management: ESC - Exit the game F1 - About the game F4 - Fullscreen mode F5 - Save F6 - Download F9 - Screenshot Cars: Kuruma Mafia Sentinel Yardie Lobo Rumpo Banshee Infernus Bobcat Stallion Linerun Police History: Version 1.1...

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So, I present you my video about the fashion for GTA 3 - GTA 3 HD. This is not an overview, and not a big film. Strictly do not judge, this is my first video for this site. If you like it I will be shooting a new video. Leave comments. Enjoy watching...

Gta3.exe v1.1

10 August 2012 GTA 3
Many could not play GTA 3 on the network. Because it showed a bug, you need type v1.1. Log in to gta3.exe v1.1. With this gta3.exe you can play GTA 3 on the network. It helped me personally. I'm sorry Normal screen did not find.

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comment written on, 31 August 2016, 13:18
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Vano GT, великий пукр?
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comment written on, 9 February 2016, 21:53
Vano GT
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Что у за псевдопатриотизм у клода на локтях? laughing
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