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Helicopter Control

2 June 2016 GTA 3
This mod allows you to control Catalina's or Police helicopter.In order to ride on helicopter, you need to download script "Teleport in any vehicle"Then, being close to helicopter, press tab+t.While flying:Press Q and E to rotate the helicopterPress ...

Claude With A Broken Arm

7 June 2013 GTA 3
Claude with a crippled hand. Now the clod has an excuse why he does not know how to swim.

GTA III: Ultimate Realistic Anim Mod

17 January 2020 GTA 3
Features: -New way to walk jogging and running very similar to Grand Theft Auto IV -New way to stand, either with the bat or with the rocket launcher -The ability to shoot while moving, thanks to ThirteenAG for giving me the idea -New way to ...

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