GTA III - Dark Edition Beta 0.2.2

8 September 2014 GTA 3
The project is the same old GTA III in a new guise, according to the original. A wide range of altered maps (from garbage cans, embossed roads, pits, graffiti on walls, to new interiors, exteriors and areas.) Liberty City now has much more space, all...

GTA III Snow City Beta 2

22 January 2012 GTA 3
Snow City, also known as Snow City, is a modification for Grand Theft Auto 3 from the modemaker DimZet13. This mod is different from the old Snow Mod in that its concept does not stop at covering the Liberty City with snow (and he himself looks much ...

GTA III HD Version Beta

8 January 2013 GTA 3
Those who followed the GTA3 mods know that in the distant 2009 team of developers, that is, "Rockstar Wizards and OnePice (Machine textures only)", the global graphic mode was announced for GTA3, the release was scheduled for 2010, most of it certain...

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