Grand Theft Auto III (full)

28 October 2016 GTA 3
I present to your attention the full Russification of the game Grand Theft Auto III. The game is voiced by two voices using a voice change. In the game, there is practically no English speech, except radio, as all the plot and non-story characters ar...

Grand Theft Auto III beta timecycle

28 July 2014 GTA 3
This mod adds a real tymecyc.dat from the beta version of GTA III. All the changes in this fashion you can see in the video. Installation: Extract all files to the data folder and confirm the replacement.

Grand Theft Auto III: Satanicum

24 December 2012 GTA 3
Many people talk about what awaits us after death. Someone believes in reincarnation, someone thinks that the only thing that awaits us is a hammered nail, and someone believes in the existence of heaven and hell. As you know, the main character of G...

Grand Theft Auto 3 Frosted Winter

7 January 2013 GTA 3
The first full story mode for GTA III Prehistory: The beginning of 2002. After the death of Don Salvatore Leone. Tony Cipriani took the lead over the family, as according to tradition the new Don is chosen from the capo. And Tony was the most exp...

Grand Theft Auto 3 - 10th Anniversary Trailer

9 August 2013 GTA 3
Trailer Grand Theft Auto 3 - 10th Anniversary. P.S. In the archive there are two qualities of video - 480 and 720.

Grand Theft Auto 3 (SpeedRun World Record)

4 July 2013 GTA 3
World record for passing GTA3 The game is passed for 1:11:57 (Only the story line) No cheats

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Nights (BETA 1)

21 July 2014 GTA 3
Have you ever dreamed of how would it feel to play a game that mixes both racing and openworld freedom genres?Liberty City Nights is the definite answer to that dream..4 Years of working, testing, releasing of beta versions; and finally, we have a to...

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Одни из лучших радиостанций в игре.
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Где найти Craig Gray - Fade Away в Lossless ?
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