GTA 3 New York City Mod by Starman

12 May 2013 GTA 3
This global mode replaces the entire fleet, menu, weapons, textures of some buildings, adds new buildings and much more. Features of the mod: -Useful management -New colors for cars. List of cars: -Audi A4 (the Italian car of bandits) -...

First Aid from GTA 4

28 December 2011 GTA 3
Mod replaces the usual ambulance, the ambulance from GTA 4.

Weapon from GTA 4 v1.1

27 January 2012 GTA 3
Weapon from GTA 4 + Improved flamethrower texture + Sounds of weapons (installation using Audio editor) + Thin.

Taxi from GTA 4

19 January 2012 GTA 3
Installation manual and automatic. There are other versions - without dirt and in GTA style 3.

Vehicle Camera Movement v1.4 for GTA 3 or VC

19 February 2013 GTA 3
Description: This script allows you to freely control the camera while driving or helicopter flight (GTA VC). A free camera is activated when the player is in the car. The script works on both GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. Installation: Copy "[III...

Hudson Hornet

3 July 2013 GTA 3
Features: 1) The model is converted from the game Forza Motosport 4 2) Body of average quality 3) Salon of average quality 4) Mid-Poly wheels 5) Realistic management 6) Textures of the machine of average quality 7) Adapted for ENB Series 8) T...

Weapon pickup mod [GTA3]

13 August 2013 GTA 3
Recently started playing in GTA III. And the first thing I started was studying scripting in this game. But I did not find textbooks on the Internet, and nobody knows any of the familiar scripting in the top three, so I started studying scripting mys...

Xbox Mod v1.0

28 December 2011 GTA 3
1) Install a clean, unmodified GTA III c patch v1.1 2) Delete the settings file gta3.set from the folder "My Documents / GTA3 User Files" (recommended) 3) Run GTA3 Xbox mod v1.0.exe 4) Start a new game and enjoy. Mod replaces machines with H...

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Би-би сделай ещё что-то нибудь
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сделайте конверт для сани)

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