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T-101 and T-800

3 June 2014 GTA 3
Two terminators, to choose from, T-101 and T-800, the models fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the game

ENBseries Setting by NeTw0rK 1.0

25 May 2012 GTA 3
Realistic reflections, bloom, motion blur blend perfectly with the atmosphere of GTA 3. Also there are new explosions, new weather, fire, smoke, water, cartridges and much more! (Hud.txd (HD) Particle.txd (HD) Timecyc.dat Particle.cfg) Scree...

NoClip 1.0

29 December 2019 GTA 3
This mod adds NoClip to the game. Now you can move very quickly and fly around the city! Management: N - Activate NoClip F or Enter - Deactivate NoClip Shift - Go Up Space - Get Down W, A, S, D or arrows - Move Claude ...

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