GTA IV Roads For III

30 October 2013 GTA 3
Mod, replacing all the textures of roads on the texture of GTA IV. A small part of the fashion GTA III The American Dream Project, which will soon be developed. Installation: Generic.txd is replaced in the models folder! Files from the fold...

Pack of transport remains from GTA IV

20 September 2013 GTA 3
In this package there is almost a full package of auto remains, converted from GTA IV. It will work on the theme of the apocalypse and not only. In the package there is: -School bus (2 options) -Civil cars (10 options) Author of models and t...

Garbage can from GTA IV

23 November 2013 GTA 3
Conversion of garbage can from GTA IV Features: -Original model from GTA IV -Excellent texture -Custom collision Model Author: Rockstar Games The author of the envelope in GTA III: TheVladonPro

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