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Frame Limit Adjuster

23 July 2013 GTA 3
CLEO-script for configuring FPS in GTA 3. Tuning: pay attention to the name of the script 60iiiframelimiter.cs , The number 60 at the beginning of the file name is the configured number of FPS. If you want, for example, 45 FPS in the game, then ...

Vehicle Camera Movement v1.4 for GTA 3 or VC

19 February 2013 GTA 3
Description: This script allows you to freely control the camera while driving or helicopter flight (GTA VC). A free camera is activated when the player is in the car. The script works on both GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. Installation: Copy "[III...

Project 2dfx v2.1 GTAIII Edition

22 February 2020 GTA 3
Project 2dfx - plugin for Grand Theft Auto III , Which increases the range of objects drawing, adds LODs for the corona of light (LOD corona effects) and allows using the increased range of drawing in timecyc.dat without crash and without flicke...

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