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Edo from GTA Criminal Russia Demo 0.1.5

4 February 2018 GTA 3
Edo from GTA Criminal Russia Demo 0.1.5 Exclusive for the site libertycity.ru CONVERSION IN GTA 3 APPROVED AND RESOLVED MIXAZZZ - Project Manager of GTA Criminal Russia. Moved the location to three - aleks926820. Textures h...

GTA 2 RenderWare Edition 0.1 Beta

3 November 2013 GTA 3
GTA 2 RW Edition is a global mod that carries the city Anywhere City from GTA 2 to GTA III. The city is taken from the unfinished mode GTA 2 3D on GTA SA. At the moment the mod is in beta stage. Features: -City is converted to 50% -New GTA ...

CLEO v1.0.1.7

16 June 2014 GTA 3
Library CLEO For GTA 3 Version (from May 2, 2014). CLEO Extends the capabilities of scripting and allows you to use thousands of unique mods that change and supplement the game process.

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