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III Aircraft

17 August 2013 GTA 3
Work helicopters and planes are now also for GTA3. List of air transport: Maverick, LCPD Maverick, LC News Maverick, Hunter, Armadillo, Dodo, Skimmer, Biplane. This mod requires the installed CLEO for GTA3 Installation: described in detail in HOW ...

GTA III Chopper

3 July 2014 GTA 3
GTA III Chopper mod is a new modification from me, which makes it possible to fly in a police helicopter. Replaces Polmav, but if desired, you can also replace it with Hunter. Installation: We need Mod III Aircraft, Progu IMG Tool and CLOE librar...

GTA III Broker v0.1 beta

12 April 2014 GTA 3
GTA III Broker v0.1 beta. This is a modification that transfers Broker from GTA IV to GTA III. This modification is suitable for owners of very weak PCs. You must start the game only with gta3_eng.exe !!! READ MUST readMe !!! Th...

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