Rumor: GTA6.com rights demanded to be transferred to Take-Two by October 26

25 October 2023

Another indirect confirmation that Rockstar is preparing for the announcement of GTA 6 has appeared online. Today an image of a supposed letter, allegedly written by a Take-Two lawyer, was published. The letter is addressed to the owner of the gta6.com domain. The lawyer states that the copyright to the series belongs to Take-Two and asks for the domain name to be transferred by October 26.

Insiders cannot yet confirm or deny the rumor. In favor of this being a real leak, is the fact that Take-Two sent a similar letter about a month before the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2. On the other hand, users found a mistake in the text of the letter. After the words «As you are aware» there is a period instead of a comma.

Rumors suggest that the announcement of GTA 6 is precisely planned for October 26. Whether the leak is true, we'll find out tomorrow.

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