A Red Dead Redemption clone about a bounty hunter is soon to be released on Nintendo Switch

10 October 2023

Publishing company SOEDESCO has released a trailer for the western Guns and Spurs 2, which is in the spirit of the Red Dead Redemption series. In the video, the authors revealed the exact release date of the game on Nintendo Switch.

The project will be launched on this platform on November 24th. The game will be released both in digital format and on physical media.

Guns and Spurs 2 is an open-world action game set in the Wild West. The main character is a bounty hunter named Jack Lane, who comes to town to pursue wanted criminals for money.

In the game, you can ride a horse, customize your character, and participate in random events, including hunting animals, delivering goods, and herding cattle.

It's worth noting that Guns and Spurs 2 has long been available on iOS and Android mobile devices. In the future, the game will also be released on Steam.

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