Voice actor of Arthur Morgan is confident that Rockstar will release Red Dead Redemption 3 in the future

6 December 2023

Actor Roger Clark, who played the role of Arthur Morgan (voice and motion capture) in Red Dead Redemption 2, recently commented on the premiere of the first trailer for GTA 6. In addition, he also shared his thoughts on the future of the RDR series.

«It just dawned on me that there's no reason whatsoever for GTA Online to slow down. Graphics still hold up, it's a completely different city. GTA 6 won't replace it, they'll both be around for us all to enjoy. Rockstar is going to head further into the stratosphere»‎, — the actor wrote after watching the trailer for the sixth part of Grand Theft Auto.

After that, one of the users asked him if he knew anything about the existence of Red Dead Redemption 3. Roger Clark replied as follows: «I'm certain we will see RDR3 one day. When that will be — I have absolutely no idea. Don't count on Arthur's involvement either. His story has been told, I feel»‎.

As a reminder, Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018. As for GTA 6, its release is planned for 2025. Recently, a video appeared online comparing these two games.

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