Hollywood actors were turned into characters from Red Dead Redemption 2

24 November 2023

A user on the DeviantArt with the username mchadd1987 attempted to demonstrate, using a neural network, how the characters of the cowboy action game Red Dead Redemption 2 might have looked if they were given the appearance of Hollywood actors. The enthusiast generated 30 images.

Josh Brolin:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

Wyatt Russell:

Karen Gillan:

Josh Hartnett:

Pedro Pascal:

David Harbour:

Jack Black:

Kerry Washington:

Blake Lively:

Sarah Jessica Parker:

Charles Dance:

Michelle Pfeiffer:

Bill Murray:

Rebecca Hall:

Ted Danson:

Domhnall Gleeson:

Mackenzie Crook:

Ed Harris:

Neal McDonough:

Megan Fox:

Kelsey Grammer:

Wes Studi:

Adam Beach:

William H. Macy:

Andrew Scott:

Michael Rooker:

Tom Holland:

Lili Reinhart:

Margot Robbie:

Earlier, as a reminder, Arthur Morgan made it to the top 10 best video game protagonists in history.

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