AI turned the characters from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into real people

18 October 2023

The author of the YouTube channel Yakusho attempted to «bring to life» characters from GTA: San Andreas. Using AI, the enthusiast generated 17 images featuring well-known characters and compiled them in a video.

The characters featured in the video are as follows:

  • Carl Johnson;
  • Frank Tenpenny;
  • Eddie Pulaski;
  • Lance Wilson;
  • Melvin Harris;
  • Sean Johnson;
  • Kendall Johnson;
  • Cesar Vialpando;
  • Jeffrey Cross;
  • Catalina;
  • Truth;
  • Wu Zi Mu;
  • Zero;
  • Jizzy B;
  • Ken Rosenberg;
  • Rifa;
  • Mike Toreno;

Previously, as a reminder, the enthusiast ran the PC version of GTA 4 on Android using the Termux-Box emulator. Additionally, physical copies of Red Dead Redemption for Nintendo Switch and PS4 have been released.

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