Real cars are now banned from being uploaded on GTA Online RP servers

13 October 2023

The authors of the popular platform FiveM, on which role-playing servers in GTA Online are built, have recently officially collaborated with Rockstar. Today, the Cfx.re team talked about the first major change in the platform's work. Fans are unlikely to be pleased.

The developers had to remove all real car logos in order not to violate copyright. Cfx.re noted that this is just the first step, and players will have to remove all transport that has a real counterpart. As an alternative, players were suggested to «show creative approach» and invent unique cars.

«We cannot allow custom assets or mods that infringe third-party intellectual property (IP). Real-world brands, unique vehicle designs, and 3D software models are generally protectable under trademark or copyright. If you use a real-world car model pulled from another game without permission, that could result in claims against your server by both the car company (brand, logo, car design) or the game developer (3D model)», — Cfx.re wrote.

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