Rockstar disappointed GTA 5 fans with the game's 10th anniversary celebration. Many wanted more than just gifts

16 September 2023

Yesterday (September 15), Rockstar Games posted a short clip in honor of the upcoming decade of GTA 5. On this occasion, gamers are being offered various rewards in GTA Online. However, judging by the large number of dislikes, players were extremely dissatisfied with such an insignificant, in their opinion, celebration of the anniversary.

At the time of writing the news, the video received 25 thousand dislikes and only 11 thousand likes.

Apparently, players were expecting something more substantial from Rockstar Games for the 10th anniversary of GTA 5 than just in-game rewards and bonuses in online mode.

"Thanks for your continued support for 10 years playing our game... here's a 15 second video of something you don't want", — HibikiOnTheRocks.

"10 years of playing GTA 5 and supporting Rockstar and this is what we get", — Mixxr14.

"Rockstar never fails to disappoint..." — KOMods-lg1ct.

"Thank you Rockstar for giving us some t-shirts for playing for 10 years. It's definitely what we all wanted", — CJ-pn1ll.

"You really went all out for this 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY", — foxtrot5972.

Remember, gamers can claim gifts in GTA Online until September 27.

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