Full GTA 6 trailer has been recreated in Minecraft

28 December 2023

Previously, YouTuber EvilGame recreated a portion of the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer in the sandbox game Minecraft. Now, they have published a full video with all the scenes from the official Rockstar Games trailer.

EvilGame also released a video comparing their creation with the GTA 6 trailer.

«‎This is really impressive!», — masterkey8.

«‎This is how the graphics are going to look like on my asus work laptop», — drlqnr.

«‎Not gon lie I wouldn’t buy it», — TwinSkee.

«‎Lolz... More like GTA 0», — Kill_4209.

«‎Definitely better than Original!», — jaimarston.

Recently, let's remember, a fan showcased their own Grand Theft Auto 6 loading screen with celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, and Keanu Reeves. Also, Grand Theft Auto 5 made it into the TOP 3 of the most popular games on the PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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