«The Florida Joker» ups the ante - now he wants $5 million from Rockstar for his likeness in GTA 6

28 December 2023

Right after the announcement of GTA 6 and the reveal of the first trailer, a character was spotted in the video that strongly reminded many of the real-life criminal Lawrence Sullivan, known as the «Florida Joker». He demanded monetary compensation from the developers, but recently decided to up the ante and recorded a new video message.

Initially, Lawrence Sullivan demanded a payment of $2 million. Later, the man threatened Rockstar Games with a lawsuit and added an additional $1 million to the amount. Just the other day, he stated the following: «This is the final warning. If we don’t get a response after my birthday, we’re going to take legal actions».

Interestingly, the «Florida Joker» now wants $5 million from the developers of GTA 6 for allegedly using his likeness without permission to create an in-game character.

Rockstar Games has not yet commented on the situation, but Roger Clark, the voice actor for Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, believes that Lawrence Sullivan doesn't stand a chance of success.

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