«The Florida Joker» strikes again - he threatens Rockstar with a lawsuit over the use of his likeness in GTA 6

13 December 2023

The saga with Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the «Florida Joker», continues. Previously, he demanded $2 million from Rockstar for using his likeness in GTA 6. Recently, he made a new statement and dyed his hair purple to even more closely resemble the character from the game's trailer.

Moreover, he is now threatening the developers with a lawsuit.

«I'm giving you the biggest free marketing, for that I want extra $1M. You got 3 days before my lawyers go crazy», — Lawrence Sullivan stated and showed off his updated look (with purple hair).

As a reminder, the voice actor of Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, Roger Clark, previously reacted to the situation by mocking Lawrence Sullivan and advising him to stop trying to sue Rockstar.

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