The Digital Foundry team conducted a technical analysis of the GTA 6 trailer. Most likely, the game will run at 30 FPS

7 December 2023

The YouTube channel Digital Foundry, which specializes in detailed analysis of the technical aspects of games, has published a video dedicated to GTA 6. In it, the editors shared their thoughts regarding the graphics and technical features of the project.

Here are the conclusions they came to:

  • On consoles, the game will most likely run at a 30 FPS rate due to the abundance of technologies used;
  • The trailer showcased scenes with ray tracing, as well as global illumination and reflections;
  • Experts believe that the footage is indeed based on the game engine. This is confirmed by hair rendering with anti-aliasing artifacts;
  • Videos from social networks have likely undergone significant post-processing, or may have been pre-rendered altogether;
  • Many scenes probably operated with dynamic scaling and in reality should have a different resolution;
  • Developers might be using a hybrid combination of software and hardware acceleration to implement lighting and reflections.

As a reminder, we also recently reported on a detailed comparison of GTA 6 with GTA 5.

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