The real Franklin from GTA 5 hinted that he has seen the GTA 6 trailer but later deleted the post

15 November 2023

It seems that the stars of GTA 5 really do know something about the next installment of the series. Actor Shawn Fonteno, known for his role as Franklin, left a mysterious message yesterday that could be about the debut trailer for GTA 6.

«If I told yall, I might get in trouble», Fonteno wrote on his X (Twitter).

Later, Ned Luke, who played Michael de Santa, reacted to the tweet. He hinted to his colleague that he should get off social media and offered to play the new Call of Duty. After that, Fonteno deleted the post.

As a reminder, the first trailer for GTA 6 will officially be shown in early December. Some fans speculate that characters from the previous part may appear in the game.

The release of GTA 6, if rumors are to be believed, will not happen before spring 2025.

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