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GTA 6 Will Feature Female Latin American Protagonist for the First Time

27 July 2022

Jason Schreier, popular gaming journalist, revealed some new information about GTA 6 and confirmed some of the leaks. He claims that one of the main character of GTA 6 will be a Latin American woman. The second main protagonist will be a man, and the couple was inspired by the famous robber duet Bonnie and Clyde.

According to the Schreier, GTA 6 will be released in a couple of years, and the game has been in development since 2014. Rockstar Games plans to constantly update its new project, adding new missions and cities on a regular basis. The game world will be larger than previous Grand Theft Auto games.

Schreier emphasized that GTA 6 will be more restrained in humor and satire. He also stated that Rockstar Games significantly changed the culture inside the studio removing frat-boy behavior and abusive employees.

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