It has become known how much money was spent to purchase the source code of GTA 5

28 December 2023

After the massive leak of the GTA 5 source code that occurred recently, details of this leak have been revealed online. It turns out that it was purchased for just $2,000 for subsequent resale.

According to the leaked correspondence, the source code was bought by modders who wanted to resell it for $6,000. However, they never found anyone willing to buy it at that price, and therefore decided to release the data to the public.

As a reminder, after this leak, some details of Rockstar Games projects became known. In particular, dataminers found out that the developers had planned eight expansions for the GTA 5 story mode, among which were expansions about zombies and Liberty City.

Popular dataminer Tez2, in turn, believes that the leaked GTA 5 source code will not harm the multiplayer game as was initially feared.

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