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One crazy pilot recreated the wild stunt from GTA and set new world record

8 September 2021

Professional Italian stunt pilot Dario Costa fired up his plane inside one of the dual tunnels on Turkey's Northern Marmara Highway. This stunt had set a certified Guinness World Record for Longest Tunnel Flown through with an Aeroplane (1,730m). It took less than 44 seconds and the flight covered a distance of 2.26km. The other four records for this stunt are: first aeroplane flight through a tunnel, longest flight under a solid obstacle, first aeroplane flight through two tunnels and first aeroplane takeoff from a tunnel.

Similar stunts are popular in GTA. Many players entertain themselves flying through tunnels since first aircrafts were presented in the series. Recently we've posted one stunt in the top of Reddit from August 7th.

Who knows, maybe Dario Costa was inspired by one of the cool tricks from Grand Theft Auto.

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