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Open House "OG Loc" (Fix)

28 August 2014 GTA San Andreas
This is a fix for the Open House OG Loc mod, it eliminates the problem of missing the floor textures, now CJ walks clearly on the floor in the house and not under it. I also added trivia interior, Billiard table, chandelier, speakers, chairs, etc No...

Open House "OG Loc"

28 August 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello to all Liberty users, I present to your attention, my new modification "Open House". The bottom line is that I will open all possible houses, and add an interior there. That is, simply, the entrance without a marker, as in GTA 4, and here's the...

Open House 2.0

30 August 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello everyone, so I made the second version of my fashion Open House, which now has a lot of changes: Windows, New interior, Bedroom, New furniture in the house, Fridge with sprat and so on .. Probably this is the last version released outside the ...

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