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Ninja Ripper 1.1.4

21 August 2013 Files for modmakers
Ninja Ripper - an alternative to the obsolete 3D RipperDX from the Russian programmer black_ninja. Features: It extracts ALL available information about the tops of the model (position, all texture coordinates, normals, weights, BLENDWEIGHT, BLE...

UV Repair

21 August 2013 Files for modmakers
After using 3d ripper, many faced the problem of lost texture coordinates in "ripnutyh" models. However uv-coordinates did not disappear anywhere. They are present on the model, but are hidden from the eyes in a different from the 1st texture channel...

Borderlands 2 Some Models

31 December 2013 Files for modmakers
Rip some models from Borderlands 2. I pulled out the models a very long time, I had plans to convert them to GTA, but my hands did not reach it. I give as is: normal textures and Normal Maps, model in OBJ format and a scene from 3D Max.

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