The Simpsons: Road Rage Characters

This is a collection of characters from the game The Simpsons: Road Rage. List of characters: Abraham (Abe) Jay "Grandfather" Simpson; Apu Nahasapimappilon; Timothy Lovejoy; Bart Simpson; Clancy Wiggam; Gardener Willie; Homer Simpson; ...

UV Repair

21 August 2013 Files for modmakers
After using 3d ripper, many faced the problem of lost texture coordinates in "ripnutyh" models. However uv-coordinates did not disappear anywhere. They are present on the model, but are hidden from the eyes in a different from the 1st texture channel...

ATP relief from stalker ZP

23 August 2013 Files for modmakers
This relief is converted from the game resource STALKER ZP through "x-ray engine 1.7", in theory the terrain is ready for use, But the objects of buildings that go along with the relief are not ready for this relief. Installation of the relief t...

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