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SilentPatchVC 1.1 build 2 + DDraw

10 May 2015 GTA Vice City
SilentPatch is a plug-in that restores cut-out aspects of the game, fixes bugs and returns the cut-out features from the PS2 version lost as a result of the curved port on the PC. List of SilentPatch fixes: -Fixed a bug with the mouse on new sys...

Silent Patch 1.1 Build 7

2 March 2018 GTA Vice City
Silent Patch is a modification that solves a large number of problems and restores cut content. Description of what was added to build 7, you can find out in the video. Installation: File SilentPatchVC.asi and the data folder add with repl...

Vice Cry 1.8

17 May 2014 GTA Vice City
They waited! Two years of hard work on the project were not in vain. In the new version of Vice Cry you are waiting for a lot of improved textures, converted models. We look at screenshots and video. &n...

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