Original folder Audio

3 October 2012 GTA Vice City
Folder Audio with original English voice acting and original radio stations. Installation: Open the archive using the WinRar program or any other archiver, the Audio folder should be dropped into the game directory and confirm the replacement. Play...

Original gta3.img

25 May 2013 GTA Vice City
The original archive gta3.img for those who do not want to reinstall the game due to some kind of corrupted file. Installation: files from the folder in the game directory (folders models) and confirm the replacement.

Russian Voice of Russia GTA Vice City

14 April 2013 GTA Vice City
A pretty good two-voice translation (female and male voice respectively), translates all phone conversations and video inserts into missions. Additional Information: Just copy the files from the downloaded folder and put them in the directory with th...

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