Tommy milos

15 March 2019 GTA Vice City
This modification adds the skin of Tommy Milos in the GTA BC. To activate, enter the cheat code & quot; FLEX & quot; After introducing the cheat code, the old, boring character of Tommy Versetti will magically turn into the New and Stylish To...

Re-textured Vice City v0.2

1 June 2013 GTA Vice City
The global mod to replace all the textures of the game with new, better ones, and as similar as possible to the original. Replaced textures in places like: - Military base and its surroundings - Airport and its surroundings - Star Island, Tommy'...

GTA Vice City Cordon v0.2

2 October 2016 GTA Vice City
Envelope location from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl What's new in the version: - Corrected textures of the landscape - Trees and bushes - Fixed many crashes and bugs with a collision - New weapons It is not recommended to u...

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