GTA VC - Exclusive Content for Japan  
GTA VC - Exclusive Content for Japan for GTA Vice City
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Today we will talk about exclusive content, which was added specifically to the Japanese version of Grand Theft Auto - Vice City.
Also, we will touch on the strange censorship to which this game was exposed in Japan in order to be allowed to sell in this region. In addition, we will touch on some of the exclusive fixes that were available in this region.
GTA VC - Exclusive Content for Japan for GTA Vice City
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Improved gta-vc.exe

29 May 2012 GTA Vice City
Features: - Significantly exceeded the ide limit and ipl - Significantly exceeded the limit Col'a can now be installed in Col'e not 2200, but 4999 polygons - Can be saved anywhere (just go to the menu and press save) - Download save without glitc...

Gta-vc.exe v1.0

16 August 2012 GTA Vice City
If you do not work VC: MP, asks for version 1.0. As I had. That's gta-vc.exe 1.0.

GTA VCS Characters

2 April 2012 GTA Vice City
The characters of GTA VCS are now also in GTA Vice City!

GTA VC: Forever Shining Mod BETA

29 October 2012 GTA Vice City
To the anniversary of GTA VC - 10 years! Modification Forever Shining serves as an addition to large mods such as Deluxe, KillerKip where transport, weapons, etc. are replaced, but pedestrians and characters remain original. Mod transforms the po...

"AK-103 from WARFACE, for GTA-VC"

10 July 2013 GTA Vice City
Hello LibertyCity.Ru users and the entire Internet! I present to you my mod, envelope for the game GTA Vice-City !! Under the name "AK-103 from WARFACE, for GTA-VC". The position in the hands has been adjusted, its own icon, in the style of GTA-VC w...

GTA VC Beta peds and cars

27 October 2013 GTA Vice City
Hello everybody! At gta.com.ua I found a topic about the beta mode for GTA VC. But it was abandoned. But the link to the wheelbarrows and the pedals remained! Unfortunately, a couple of files were broken and I threw them away. Also added are the beta...

GTA VC: Traffic

21 August 2014 GTA Vice City
Description: GTA VC: Traffic - ASI plugin that increases or decreases the number of peds and vehicles. The script can also affect such parameters as the dependence of traffic density on the current game time, the behavior of drivers behind t...

GTA VC Mipmapped Textures

7 February 2016 GTA Vice City
GTA VC Mipmapped Textures Description: This modification adds mipmap's to all the textures in the game. Now the textures look smooth and flattened. 1. Installation: 1) Open the file "ToolIMG Factory1.2IMG Factory 1.2.exe" 2) Selec...

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