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Hardcore Graphic for Vice City beta 0.4

8 January 2011 GTA Vice City
- New roads - New stones - New sidewalks - New beach (in the first part of the city) - A new system of smoke from tires - New textures of smoke from the bus - New tracks of tires - Optimally tuned ENB - Several new cars were converted from Xb...

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC2-8-5

19 January 2014 GTA Vice City
Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-5 The last actual version, at the moment, is already known VCL multiplayer . In this version: - the program code is optimized - Improved synchronization - added Full server browser (!) The attached arch...

Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-9

8 November 2014 GTA Vice City
Vice City Life 0.1 beta RC 2-8-9 The latest current version of the already known VCL multiplayer. In this version: - Improved gaming chat (there is a difference from 2-8-7) - Synchronized Tower of the Tank / Fire Engine (Vectors of the "Rot X" a...

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