[CLEO] HP_Stinger 2.0

7 August 2013 GTA Vice City
With this script, you will be able to throw out police thorns from the car, as in NFS Hot Pursuit. In the new version, the strip with spines became wider, longer and pedestrians are also reacting to it! Activation in transport...

CLEO Indicators V1.0 [Vice City Edition]

18 November 2014 GTA Vice City
DESCRIPTION: With this script you will be able to see different data about your player and your vehicle. This script was transferred by me from GTA: San Andreas to GTA: Vice City....

Tommy milos

15 March 2019 GTA Vice City
This modification adds the skin of Tommy Milos in the GTA BC. To activate, enter the cheat code & quot; FLEX & quot; After introducing the cheat code, the old, boring character of Tommy Versetti will magically turn into the New and Stylish To...

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