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GTA Vice City Stories Radio for GTA Vice City

We replace the "cluttered" radio in GTA Vice City with the radio from GTA Vice City Stories Android and iOS

GTA VC 10th Anniversary Extra Launcher v0.5

3 November 2013 GTA VC (iOS, Android)
Description of the mod: - Introductory screensavers and videos are disabled at the start of the game. - Fading in the game is disabled. - Black screen saver is disabled. - The altitude of the helicopter flight is increased to 125 meters (now s...

Immortality for Tommy

Immortality for GTA VC MOBILE Now Tommy Versetti will never die, because he has become immortal, but he is still not friends with water. And although he will not drown now, he will not be able to get out of the water. Therefore, I recommend comb...

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