New pay'n'spray in Las Venturas  
New pay'n'spray in Las Venturas for GTA San Andreas
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Author*: yaroslav rugachi...
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File size: 18.69 Kb
File replaces: vegasE.ide, vegasE.ipl
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Many probably know that in Las Venturas, not far from the multi-storey parking lot, there is a non-working pay'n'spray. I decided to make him a worker. Now in it, as in any other, you can safely fix and repaint the car.
P.S. If there are any bugs - please report.
New pay'n'spray in Las Venturas for GTA San Andreas
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Unused Pay'n'Spray from PS2

25 January 2017 GTA San Andreas
As some know, in some releases of GTA San Andreas on PS2, in Las Venturas you can find the "secret" Pay'n'Spray. Click here to see it . But, instead of finishing it, Rockstar decided to just close the door. This modification completely trans...

Choose a color in Pay'n'Spray

25 December 2017 GTA San Andreas
The plugin, as the name implies, will allow you to choose the color of the car in Pay'n'Spray. You can also change the second color of the car, or you can not repaint the car at all, but just repair it (for this press the TAB key).

Winter in Las-Venturas v.1.0

21 April 2011 GTA San Andreas
The first version of the fashion that will replace the frying of Las-Venturas, to a cold, winter town! In fashion, realistic roads with traces of snow are used (There is a feeling of riding on fresh snow.) Also in fashion are replaced travary (...

Ripple Las-Venturas V 1.0

26 October 2016 GTA San Andreas
Ripple Las-Venturas V 1.0 Before you, the same global modification that I mentioned in my fashion Vice Money , Someone was waiting, someone is not, here it is. What does she represent? All Las-Venturas Was replaced, namely the sands, onc...

Crying Witch in Las Brujas

15 October 2012 GTA San Andreas
Crying Witch in Las Brujas is a new mystical modification. Now at midnight in Las Brujas you can find the witch. She is not very friendly towards you. Added new sounds such as weeping and moaning of a witch. Also added a new skin. It looks very creep...

Roads of Las Venturas from gta 4

7 October 2010 GTA San Andreas
Hello everybody! I present you the development of my and DimanoiD'a. Now the Las Venturas roads have become like in GTA 4. Replaced almost all roads, sidewalks, bridges to the textures of GTA 4. This is part of my and DimanoiD'a fashion - gta ...

Sentinel - Police Las Venturas

4 November 2010 GTA San Andreas
Here, a long time ago I wanted to make a car from something standard, and after I saw the police sultan started. Sentinel came under his arm, well, that's what happened.

The altered dam in the state of Las Venturas

2 November 2011 GTA San Andreas
This mod replaces the textures on all the beloved dam. Replaced the lining of the dam, covered with a new asphalt and a lot more ... Have a good game.

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