Ford LTD LX 1986

6 April 2015 GTA San Andreas
- The model was created from scratch. - Detailed study of the salon and other auto parts - The model is damaged - Custom settings - It fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game. - GFXHack is required for normal display of chrome. - Repl...

Vapid Stanier LTD LX from VC XBOX

17 March 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello everybody! I represent the pack Vapid Stainer LTD LX, converted from GTA VC. Models from the XBOX version (envelope for VC - ALMOST610), so the quality is good. You probably ask why not Premier. I will answer: Premier is Declasse (Chevrolet ...

Vapid Stanier LTD LX Updated

2 November 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello everybody! I decided to refine my old job Vapid Stanier LTD LX. What exactly is added: 1) The body model is now one - XBOX Police, as it is better in quality. 2) Adaptation to ImVehFt (only lights, lights and reverse lights) and standard s...

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