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Toyota Camry 2010 SE (police version)

10 January 2011 GTA San Andreas
There are two versions of the car in the archive. - Russian (2 colors for painting); - Ukrainian (blue-and-yellow coloring of special services along the whole body is marked); In Ukraine, most often used as an escort of senior officials. ...

GTA IV Police Helicopter in SA style

3 February 2013 GTA San Andreas
I downloaded the mod to replace the old police vertical with the one from GTA 4, but I did not like the fact that it was for Liberty City, not for San Andreas. So I decided to make this mod. Retexture quality, not even too lazy to remake the SA polic...

Toyota Camry 2007

16 February 2013 GTA San Andreas
Toyota Camry 2007 of release in excellent quality. - The car has high quality parts and textures. - It looks great with ENB and without it. - Has original high quality discs. - Has a salon performed in 3D. - The model has a damage system. ...

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