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1975 Vapid Norco v2

18 December 2017 GTA San Andreas
An updated version of my first mod ( Click ). Changes: -The wheel did less, added the whitewalls; -Made the suspension below; -The "wave" was added; -Fixed headlights; -Fixed model smoothing; -Fixed a shadow. Thanks to...

1975 Vapid Norco

8 December 2017 GTA San Andreas
Hello, libertycity.ru! I want to introduce my first mod "from scratch "! I tried to do without bugs. Based on Ford Pinto, and slightly changed the design. The model is made from scratch and adapted for all the basic functions of GTA SA, there are al...

Gta V Declasse Rancher XL & Vapid Bobcat

2 March 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello, users Libertycity.ru! I found on the Internet two good cars from GTA 5: - Vapid Bobcat XL - Declasse Rancher XL At models: - No bugs; - License plates from GTA V; - Good damage; - There is chrome on the auto parts. Enjoy yo...

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