New CJ house GLC prod V 1.1

19 February 2012 GTA San Andreas
A new look of the old abandoned house CJ, now it looks more beautiful. The house is made in the textures of red brick, as well as replaced the texture of the roof. Changed the texture of the garage, garage doors and internal walls. The textures are m...

Open San Andreas: CJ House

3 November 2015 GTA San Andreas
This video shows the open house of Karl Johnson from our project "Open San Andreas". The original interior has been preserved, several new rooms have been added. A bathroom, a wardrobe, a cellar and another large room were created. All the do...

CJ House Remastered

18 December 2016 GTA San Andreas
Mod changes the interior of the Johnson house to a new one. Actually, everything can be seen on the video. Install via modloader.

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