Clot from Killing Floor

11 August 2013 GTA San Andreas
Envelope of one, from a small crowd, zombies. - Good bust (No glueing on the model) - Decent texture * I will be happy with the comments and positive assessments)

Shotgun from Primal Carnage

3 September 2014 GTA San Andreas
HD model and texture. Its icon (in two forms) The position in the hands is normal. Replaces: Chromegun. ------------- The author of the model: LukeWarm Media. The author of the envelope and transfer to the game: CryDragon St...

AK-47 from Killing Floor

29 August 2014 GTA San Andreas
HD model of weapons and textures. Custom icon. Two kinds. Bugs are not updated. In his hands it sits normally. Replaced: AK-47. Authors: Models of the original model: Tripwire Interactive Ripnul model: Vados Moved into the ...

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